Read about the standards and enforcement policies for the State of Washington.  A directory is available for those living in other states as well:

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program partners with the collision repair industry to increase awareness about isocyanates, organic solvents and heavy metals that painters are exposed to:

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has a topic page for Isocyanates:

In depth background information on the use of diisocyanates in the automotive refinishing industry is available in this draft report. The report is broken up subject:

The EPA answers common questions regarding supplied-air respirators.  Additional resources for answering your questions are also available:

Navigate a virtual collision repair shop and learn about the most effective methods and materials for protecting yourself and your coworkers.  Note: Not all links are up to date:

Just a few simple practices and procedures can keep you and your coworkers healthy. The EPA lists the best shop practices from detailed, information specific articles to useful factsheets:

The EPA provides an easy to use safety checklist that not only allows you to evaluate your shop and determine what areas need improvement, but explains why each of these points is important for your health:

OSHA talks about isocyanates in a broad sense and helps you understand the different kinds of isocyanates and the risks they pose:

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